CEREC Omnicam

Now offered at the office of Piedmont Dental Partners in Rock Hill, SC


Everyone at Piedmont Dental Partners are proud to announce that our office now has the new CEREC Omnicam system. This system will better help us when treating you as our patient.


What is the Omnicam?

The CEREC Omnicam is a 3D camera that takes full-color images of your teeth without the use of powder. This means that more of the tooth and gum area can be seen.The images are then fed into a computer, which then creates a 3D model of your teeth and gums; this allows your dentist to quickly easily plans' treatments as needed. During the  process, you will be able to see the images as they appear as well. These images are also helpful if you have any questions about a treatment and are able to see what the doctor is taking about with certain areas of the teeth.


The second part of the machine is called a milling machine; this part of the machine is used to create the tooth treatments needed for our patients; this process can usually be done in a couple of hours. Before the Omnicam, you would have to bite into impression material to make a mold of the teeth and gums. This was then sent to a lab, where technicians would make your crown or false teeth.


By taking out the lab stage, we can now make your crowns and other restorative fixtures in our office. This means that the process is quicker, so you do not have to wait as long for your crown or tooth.Depending on your case, we may even be able to make and fit your crown the same day as your first consultation with the doctor. The ability for the 3D imaging of the tooth and gums means that fittings are made with precision accuracy. This means your crowns and teeth are more comfortable, and better fitting.


What is it used for?

The Omnicam will benefit all of our patients in some way. Patients who may have lost a tooth or a part of a tooth and may require a false tooth, bridge, crown or other customized restoration will benefit both in saving time and having a comfortable tooth made specifically for them with the imaging technology. The Omnicam will also help your dentist to personalize your experience, by creating a treatment plan specifically for your teeth.


The benefits CEREC Omnicam for our Patients

Some of the benefits our patients can now enjoy include


  • Increased comfort: No more biting down on impression material or putty molds when you need a restorative treatment
  • Faster treatments: 3D images are created in moments, and treatments can be milled in a matter of hours
  • More convenience: No need for temporary fittings and second appointments. Now you can be treated the same day


To learn more about the CEREC Omnicam system click here